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Misencil Eyelash Extensions

Discovery Application        75$
30-45 min
It’s all in the name! This is your chance to discover eyelash extensions by enhancing your natural eyelashes just a touch

Star Application        150$
1-2 hrs
Go as natural or as bold as you want with this application

Touch up        50$
30 min-45min
Recommended in 3 week intervals to help keep your extensions looking great

Touch up packages
Purchase your touch ups in bulk and save!

    Saphire Package
3 touch ups OR 90 min          135$ (savings of 15$)

    Topaz Package
6 touch ups OR 180 min        264$ (savings of 36$)

    Crystal Package
9 touch ups OR 270 min       382$ (savings of 68$)

    Diamond Package
12 touch ups OR 360 min     492$ (savings of 108$)