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BeVeEver since I was a little girl I knew what I loved and discovered I had a passion for everything beauty and self care. Every year when the Sears Wish Book was published I couldn’t wait to go through it to see if the gift I asked for every year(and never got!) was still in there so I could ask for it again. It was the bust of a doll that came with makeup and hair accessories(you know exactly what I’m talking about don’t you?!). Man, did I ever want that doll so I could make her up and get her ready to “go out at night”. As I mentioned, I never got her but that’s okay, it never stopped me from developing my passion.

I remember getting my first tube of “Lipsyl” when I was about 4 years old thinking I was so lucky to have my very own lipstick!

As I got older I was busy at work clipping articles from popular teen magazines on how to take care of your skin, your nails, feet, hair…you name it I was on it and most nights when I had no plans I spent hours giving myself facials, pedicures and manicures. I always made sure to have the latest trends in color for my nail polish and changed my color weekly!

Fast forward a few years(insert clearing of throat here!)…I’ve been an esthetician for 17 years! I still can’t believe I’ve been doing what I love for this long! Over the years I have worked in large, high end busy spas and smaller, more intimate ones. The latter appealed to me more as you have a better chance to get to know your clients and their needs.

After having my son in December 2012 I knew I wanted to work on my dream of creating my own little haven where I can focus my time and energy on one client at a time in a private setting. With the support of my husband and family my dream came true in November 2013 and Vie Esthetic Studio was born!

I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I love and to  share it with my clients in a quiet little place they can call their own while they’re here.

See you soon!