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Are lash extensions for you?

Effortless, beautiful, full lashes…sound good? To many it does and that’s enough to entice them to book their first set of eyelash extensions but many are still n the fence and rightfully so. There is sometimes a lack of information about what to expect and what to do once you leave your appointment with your gorgeous new lashes and I have even encountered clients who have been misinformed or even worse; haven’t been told anything on how to care for their extensions. So if you have been contemplating getting them but are still unsure, here is a list of facts to help guide you into making a decision that makes sense for you.

Beautiful, longer, fuller lashes with minimal effort!

When I had my extensions, my favorite part was waking up looking more awake than I felt! Extensions enhance the natural beauty of the eyes making the morning makeup routine simpler and quicker. I even have some clients that use a little gloss and that’s all they need to complete their look!

The natural lash MUST be respected! 

When it comes to getting extensions a lot of clients want them as long and as thick as possible but the reality is that will depend on how long, thick and dense your natural lashes are. If this is ignored, your natural lashes will be damaged. As much as I want to grant your wish, my man concern is keeping those natural lashes happy and healthy!

You HAVE to clean your lashes!

I can’t stress this enough! Your extensions take on the role of your natural lashes keeping makeup, dust, debris, pollution and natural oils out of the eyes. If all that builds up, it can result in some pretty bad infections and/or reactions and worse. Cleansing your lashes is a must to ensure the health of your eyes. That said, you need to use a cleanser that is oil free and made for lash extensions to ensure you don’t compromise the bond of the adhesive. Some people ask if using just water is ok…it’s kind of like brushing your teeth without toothpaste. You might get what’s on the surface but bacteria and tiny particles are left behind.

What?! Why are they falling out??

It’s completely normal! Extensions are glued on to the natural lash close to the base and our lashes have a 90 day lifespan which means they are continuously falling out and grow in three cycles. They’re a lot more visible than our natural lashes so you will most definitely see them on your pillow case or in the sink from time to time.

Avoid water!

This includes humid environments such as saunas, steam showers, swimming, showering, hot tubs, intense physical activity and even gardening and doing yard work on a hot summer day. Depending on the adhesive used you will need to avoid water for 2-48 hours. Your technician can and should inform you based on the product being used.

Don’t avoid water!

I know, I know! I just said to avoid it however once the curing is complete it’s more than ok to get them wet. In fact, it’s encouraged. It helps position them upon waking and keeps them more manageable. Besides, how will you cleanse them without water?  😉

You’re the boss!

If you want extensions for a trip or special occasion and decide that’s enough until the next time, that’s fine! If you want them for daily wear for an extended period of time, that’s also fine! For continuous wear, you will have to be committed to touch ups approximately every 3 weeks. I have clients who do both…the choice is yours!

I hope this helped shed a little light n what it’s like to have extensions but don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions or concerns. I’m here and happy to help in any way I can  🙂